Welcome to Web Collage

Web Collage is a Java application/library that uses user controlled Google image search results to create collages, such as the one pictured below.

Installation and Running Instructions

At this time Web Collage requires Java Runtime Environment 6.0 or later. It should be possible to recompile it for earlier Java versions, however. To install from a binary release, download wcollage-<release version>.zip from the project's Sourceforge download page. Unzip the file into a desired installation directory, such as wcollage.

To run Web Collage from a binary installation, simply launch wcollage.jar file by double-clicking it (in Windows and Mac OS X) or by running the following command from the installation directory:

java -jar wcollage.jar

The binary release comes packaged with the 3rd party libraries required for Web Collage. They are:

If alternate versions of said libraries are desired to be used, it is possible to point Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to the appropriate library files by modifying the class path given to JRE or the jar manifest file in wcollage.jar. If the user wishes to modify the class path passed to the JRE without modifying the manifest file, prepackaged 3rd party jar files may need to be removed or renamed so as to avoid ambiguity in class loading.

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